Samsung Galaxy B rumored to have edge to edge display ?

Samsung will release  a bezel-free smartphone as  late as Q3 of this year, Korean paper Maeli Business reported. Samsung is said to be developing a Galaxy B handset that would get rid of the standard bezel in favor of an edge-to-edge display. A bezel-less phone does pose some usability problems though. Depending on the way certain people hold their phones, a missing bezel increases the chances for inadvertent tapping on the touch screen.

The entire front side of this rumored Galaxy B device would be consumed by one giant touch screen display except for a small area at the top dedicated to a speaker, front-facing camera, and I assume some sensors, too. The handset would more than likely have an AMOLED touchscreen and be powered by Android. Still no tech specs are revealed, however, a large screen is promised.

So could the Galaxy B ultimately become the oft-rumored Galaxy S III? Now we will have to wait and see…..


Adobe and Google : ppapi (Pepper plugin api)

For Flash Player releases after 11.2, the Flash Player browser plugin for Linux will only be available via the “Pepper” API as part of the Google Chrome browser distribution and will no longer be available as a direct download from Adobe. Adobe will continue to provide security updates to non-Pepper distributions of Flash Player 11.2 on Linux for five years from its release….

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Simple Mathematics

Open a python shell. and type like this

>>> 9 *0.000001
output : 9.0000000000000002e-06
>>> 99 *0.000001
output : 9.8999999999999994e-05
>>> 111 *0.000001
output : 0.000111
>>> 999 *0.000001
output : 0.00099899999999999989

See the difference between first, second & third, fourth. First two takes floating notation.

So while  coding in any scripting language take care of this. It  may cause some simple bugs sometimes even critical.

In php we can use number_format() function to get all the outputs in decimal notation.  So there will be no mismatch in formats there by reducing the chance of creating a bug.

Saving 2 or 3 rs and environment

Last week i went for shopping near my home (3 min walk). Before starting i know that, i don’t want to buy much items, so i took my helmet with me. I kept the veggies in my helmet and went back to home.

Its easy to save 3 rs and environment.