Simple Mathematics

Open a python shell. and type like this

>>> 9 *0.000001
output : 9.0000000000000002e-06
>>> 99 *0.000001
output : 9.8999999999999994e-05
>>> 111 *0.000001
output : 0.000111
>>> 999 *0.000001
output : 0.00099899999999999989

See the difference between first, second & third, fourth. First two takes floating notation.

So while  coding in any scripting language take care of this. It  may cause some simple bugs sometimes even critical.

In php we can use number_format() function to get all the outputs in decimal notation.  So there will be no mismatch in formats there by reducing the chance of creating a bug.


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  1. Jithu Gopal says:

    Good going buddy! Keep blogging!

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