Samsung Galaxy B rumored to have edge to edge display ?

Samsung will release  a bezel-free smartphone as  late as Q3 of this year, Korean paper Maeli Business reported. Samsung is said to be developing a Galaxy B handset that would get rid of the standard bezel in favor of an edge-to-edge display. A bezel-less phone does pose some usability problems though. Depending on the way certain people hold their phones, a missing bezel increases the chances for inadvertent tapping on the touch screen.

The entire front side of this rumored Galaxy B device would be consumed by one giant touch screen display except for a small area at the top dedicated to a speaker, front-facing camera, and I assume some sensors, too. The handset would more than likely have an AMOLED touchscreen and be powered by Android. Still no tech specs are revealed, however, a large screen is promised.

So could the Galaxy B ultimately become the oft-rumored Galaxy S III? Now we will have to wait and see…..